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Maximum Key & Barrel Cast Zinc Alloy Lock Padlock(073)

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Product Description

Maximum Key & Barrel Cast Zinc Alloy Lock Padlock(073)

kinbar security rating

Usage Scope

Cars, Bicycles, Motorbikes, Campervans, Containers, Machinery, Gates, Garages, Sheds, Toolboxes


Maximum Key & Barrel

Maximum Security Key & Barrel All KINBAR disc-locks and Bullett-locks use a key and barrel design designed and bui It in-house, with 250, 000 possible key combinations and a pick-proof key entry ..

Ice Spray Proof

Ice-Spray Proof A common method thieves use to break lacks in any security situation is an ice spray, which can render materials brittle and easier to crack All KINBAR locks are designed to re.sist type of attack.

Anti Twist Shackle

Anti-Twist Shackle The shackles of all KINBAR Bullett padlocks and U-locks are designed·to resist attempts to rotate open in either direction if one side cut off.

Anti Drill

Anti Drill resistant cylinders

挂锁网站图2_【073】CAST ZINC ALLOY LOCK-52

  • WUXI GMB International Corporation
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