QA is the assurance for the quality system and make the whole production in order, is a strong guarantee and optimization for the following aspects:
01. Enhance, ensure and explore the factory capabilities through supplier management including supplier development, audit and improvement.
QA make the quality system audit and sustainability audit to ensure the long cooperation and product with stable quality.
For example, the purposes of sustainability audit: Ensure suppliers meet national and customer requirements in health and safety, labor interests, environment, etc. It could help their daily production stably avoid any shutdown for correction by government which would affect the lead time of orders.
02. Quality advance guarantee for the new product of new project and revise of old product: Sample check, testing, approval of design change, and control plan of important product.
03. The constant improve and optimize for quality problems including customer complain and GMB normal inspection.


Quality is GMB's life. We have ability to apply EN, TS and ANSI standard in GMB Testing Center.
Our professional QC team will follow up all the production process to ensure safe and efficient condition.
Our mission is to empower and inspire as many customers as possible to love and enjoy GMB good Quality.

Introduction of laboratory

GMB has a testing center with more than 30 testing equipments which almost contain all aspects of the hardware testing. For example, there are 9 items testing can be made for the lock with CE certificate except the durability testing with door mass and anti-fire testing.
The main equipments are handle durability testing according to EN1906, cylinder cycle testing and dimension projector for components.

Testing Equipments

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