Wuxi GMB International Corporation

Wuxi GMB International Corporation is a leading and professional supplier of several of hardware products, including locks, handle, cylinder, padlock, hinge, ball bearing slides and other furniture hardware.


With a strong background over 15 years in hardware locks industry, GMB has established long-term business relations with the relevant companies in many countries and regions, such as USA, Britain, Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Mexico and Russia etc. We have constantly expanded business and volume has increased year by year.


We are paying close attention to the exploitation and cultivation of market and focus on developing , designing and producing high quality products.


Quality is GMB's life. We have ability to apply EN, TS and ANSI standard in GMB Testing Center. Our professional QC team will follow up all the production process to ensure safe and efficient condition.


GMB is exceptionally capable in research and development. The powerful technical team will keep pace with the needs of customers, high skilled R&D specialists for in-time planning and solution of sales programs.


The excellent of GMB products come from: perfect function, structure and design, strictly and carefully material select, precise and superior equipment, strict quality test and control, competitive offer and best service after sales.


Our mission is to empower and inspire as many customers as possible to love and enjoy GMB good Quality.

Wuxi GMB Advantage

Management Capacity

 More than 150 cooperative suppliers.
A strict supplier audit mechanism.
Continuous stable relations of cooperation.

Production Capacity

 Pressing/Stamping/Bending/Al(Zn)Die casting/Brass casting
CNC Machining and Milling
Molybdenum wire cutting
Polishing and Grinding/Welding
Electroplate/Powder coating/Oxidization

Corporate Vision & Goal

 Help partners to improve the concept of quality management.
Improve the high-precision production technology.
Endeavour to push"MADE IN CHINA" to a higher level.
Provide customers with better product.
GMB offers enhanced professional services supporting process integrity.

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