Warm Christmas, Regards were conveyed among GMB

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The neon lights on the Christmas tree illuminate the happy smile;

Christmas bells echoes in our hearts;

We are gathered at GMB, spending Christmas together and leaving behind wonderful memories!

Christmas Gift

Actually no Santa Claus in the world, all gifts and surprises come from the people who care about you.

GMB leaders have carefully prepared Christmas gift filled with health, joy, happiness, and sweetness, sending the most sincere wishes to every GMB employee.

Exchange of gifts

"Exchange Greeting and Convey blessings"

Exchange gifts is a traditional Christmas activity at GMB.

We prepared our gifts early, wrapped them in beautiful packaging, and tied a bow of blessings. At the event site, we sent gifts by drawing lots to convey care and joy.

Christmas Cakes

Singing beside the Christmas tree, Sharing delicious food

Cupcake, floating cloud rolls, toffee... Let's taste Christmas food together and have a feast of taste buds.


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