Walk for love ——GMB public welfare pass love on

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Walk for love-Let us meet better selves and friends on the road together

GMB public welfare pass love on

GMB pass love and care by participating public welfare activities

On November 18, GMB participate in public welfare activity ‘WALK FOR LOVE – FIRST AID BY YOUR SIDE’held by Lingshan Charity Foundation. The theme of this even is to raise fund for 100pcs of AED to help students in campus and promote the concept of ‘FIRST AID BY YOUR SIDE’. Love grows as the warmth spreads.

GMB staff gathered in Lingshan Palace Square early in the morning to encourage each other. At 9 o 'clock in the morning, everybody set off upon the shot of starting gun.

The sky is high and the clouds are light, the cool autumn wind blows the bank of Taihu Lake, the track of love is poetic and picturesque as beautiful as a picture scroll. Autumn brings different vitality, the color of deep and shallow green, yellow and red, is the color of autumn and the color of life.

While walking, we enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, leaving the footprints of love, each step is the love of life and dedication to public welfare.

After more than two hours on foot, we finish the total journey of 10 kilometers and arrive at Nianhua Bay.

Walking for love is not only exercise, but also an experience and an understanding. We feel the vitality of life, experience the warmth of public welfare, and meet better selves and friends on the road.

Walk for love is just a beginning

Stay true to the original aspiration and come for love

About ‘GMB-Hong’ Charity Foundation

“GMB-Hong” Welfare Fund is a charitable project initiated by WUXI GMB INTERNATIONAL CORP. Over the years, our company has been considering to carry forward Chinese traditional culture and Chinese traditional virtues better while building brand and reputation in domestic and foreign markets. Therefore, the original intention of our initiative is as follows:  We will carry forward the humanitarian spirit and carry forward the traditional virtues of respecting the old and caring for the young and helping the poor. The charity funds raised will be used to carry out various forms of social relief work such as caring for the elderly, helping the young, helping students and helping the poor, so as to help the vulnerable groups and make our contribution to the building of a harmonious society.


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