GMB team building activities in Moganshan Township

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The work is not only limited between the office and home,of course, there is team building activity which can set off at any time.


In order to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team and enrich the cultural life of the staff, GMB organized the "Moganshan - Yuanxiang Town 2-day group building activity" on May 21-22.


The whole team left on early and began the team building activities -- magic brush, top speed of 60 seconds, power rope, minefield water...... in the rolling mountains, beautiful scenery Moganshan, each group construction activities are wisdom and passion of the wonderful duel, is also a set of perseverance, mental, physical contest! No matter which team you are in, you are all tied together, and it shows that each one of GMB is unbreakable, connected and brave.


The next day, Staff supported each other across the glass bridge, took a small train, grass skating, archery, horseback riding...... , we put the happy laughter scattered to the original town.


This team building demonstrates the power of teamwork, enhances the cohesion of the team, and enhances the feelings among GMB members. In the future, we will take a better look to meet the future work.


Tomorrow will be better in GMB!


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