Deputy Secretary of Wuxi Municipality visit GMB

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Mr. Jie Xu, the deputy secretary of Wuxi Municipality, secretary of Nanchang district committee of the CPC, visited GMB Corp. accompanied by deputy district governor Mr. Wei Gu and other officers from district bureau of commerce.

The chairman Ms. Lydia Xu and general manager Mr. Benny Chen received them with warm hospitality, and also gave detailed introduction on the company operation, product manufacture and the sales picture.

Mr. Xu visited GMB office, sample room and testing lab accompanied by Ms. Lydia Xu and Mr. Benny Chen.

Mr. Xu shown eager concern about the manufacture, sales picture and the long-term growth of GMB Corp. ‘The Liangxi district government is attaching great importance and vigorous support to GMB Corp., and also expecting for higher achievement of GMB in the international trade business,’ said Mr. Xu.

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