2021 dream voyage ---- GMB 2020 New Year Party

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Ready to go, do greater job

On February 06, 2021,All employees of GMB held the 2020 New Year Party.

At the summing-up meeting, General Manager Mr. Benny Chen
Sharing what has been achieved in the past year,
Planning the development step for the New Year.
Chairman Lydia as the representative GMB,
recognize and reward outstanding employees and groups,
She encouraged everyone to continue working hard in the next year!

At the orientation party,
One and one beautiful song full of truth,
Exciting sweepstakes time and time again,
which let the party to be climax,
The whole party ended in a harmonious, warm and passionate atmosphere.

In the past we has exhibited a great deal,
In the New Year, we will try to develop a lot,
Wish the New Year,
Happy New Year! Everything goes well with you!
Work together to create a win-win situation!


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